pK  Database


Dissociation of Hydrogen Acids



The database contains approximately 200,000 pK values for over 20,000 organic and inorganic OH-acids. Data cover the time period from 1890 to 1990.


The data include:

·        pK values with error in log units

·        solvent

·        experimental conditions – temperature, pressure, ionic strength, etc.

·        experimental method

·        reference


Hydrogen acids of the database are as follows:


1. OH - acids

2. NH - acids

3. Amino acids

4. CH - acids

5. SH - acids

6. PH - acids

7. Tautomeric OH-, NH-, SH-acids


The database is supported by special programs, designed as a simple menu system similar to MS Windows.

The menu system is suited for a fast search of pK values of compounds on the basis of the chemical structure.


The database has been compiled by Tiina Tenno, Maire Tamme, Mai Luuk, Toomas Rodima, Helle Kuura, and Heiki Timotheus under the guidance of Prof. Viktor Palm.


The software has been written by Alla Jalas, Jaan Kiho, and Prof. Viktor Palm.


To obtain the database, please contact